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Pin Buttons (Set of 5)

Pin Buttons (Set of 5)

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"Pin your passions with a set that speaks in volumes."

Designer Note:

Elevate your look and uplift your spirit with our Pin Buttons—a quintet of tinplate badges designed to inspire and delight. Crafted for durability and adorned with a glossy finish, each button is a testament to resilience and vibrancy.

Coated with scratch and UV-resistant mylar, they ensure that your chosen message or image remains vivid and clear, even amidst life's inevitable challenges.

These buttons transcend mere decoration, they serve as powerful affirmations of your unique identity, effortlessly adding a touch of joy and personality to your favorite jacket or bag.

Consciously Crafted Just for You

Personalized Production: Each piece is created upon order, ensuring a garment that's made uniquely for you. Our commitment to individualized fashion means you’ll enjoy a bit longer anticipation for delivery, but the reward is a garment crafted with personal attention and care.

Eco-Smart Choice: By choosing our made-to-order approach, you help us avoid overproduction and reduce waste. Your thoughtful purchasing decisions are part of a bigger picture. A sustainable future where fashion is responsible, not disposable.

Thank you for being a vital part of our mission to do better by our planet.

• They come in a set of 5
• Made of tinplate
• Scratch and UV-resistant mylar coating
• Glossy finish
• Easy to put on

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